Viva Italia!!!!

Meow guys and gals!!! Ha I don’t know if my title is correct ha ha but I have moved to Italy!!!! As you may or may not know (next post) I did a wonderful feature dance tour March /April of 2015 here in Italy! Well it went AMAZING and I fell in LOVE with Italy and decided to move here!!! I love everything about Italy :}} I’m trying to get the hang of it here for sure. I’ve grown up in America and spent so much of my life there ┬áso living in Europe, although not the first time is a whole different pace!!! I love my house , the city I live in ,going to soccer , the food, and just traveling around this beautiful country!!! My feature shows have been going great!! I love performing here I’ve had quite a tour !!! I’m posting all kinds of photos here so you can get an idea of how and what I’m doing. Purrrrrrrrrrr xoxoxo Tera

Tera Patrick Interview

Doing my first interview at my hotel I just arrived!!


Tera Patrick on Mountain

Beautiful cool misty day on one of my drives and I stopped to get a present

Tera Patrick visiting a Sex Shop

Ha visiting my favorite kind of shoppe a SEXXXY SHOPPE!!! Xxx

Tera Patrick in Bikini

Getting ready to sunbathe … And swim ????

Tera Patrick's New Hairdo

I love the way I did my mane here muah!! Kisses xo


About Tera Patrick

Tera Patrick is one of the most recognized faces in the world of adult today. She has successfully merged into mainstream and pop culture becoming a worldwide business woman and brand. Since her retirement from the Adult industry in 2008 she continues to own and operate her official website, and production company Teravision INC.
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