Lime Tofu Recipe!

Meow everyone!! I do hope you enjoyed your holidays!! I am giving you what you love second!! FOOD!!! I am going to be delivering you a weekly cooking video and my recipes so enJOY!!!!

Citrus Agave Tofu

Exxxtra firm ( we love firm) tofu blocks cut limes in half and squeeze out juices this is your marinade for the tofu!!


Place your two blocks of Tofu onto a plate with a paper towel underneath then place a plate on top and something to weigh your Tofu down with . This will drain out all the exxxcess water out of your tofu as it tends to hold onto water( what a brat)!!!
How I do it :))


This is the agave I like to use . You are ONLY mixing 2 tablespoons of agave with your lime juice I squeezed 4 limes


Place your tofu ( I cut mine into cubes ) into a baking dish in the agave / lime juice marinade I let it sit 30 min I turn after 15 minutes so it’s evenly coated:)) ummmmm coated!!!


Voila!!! Bake at 350 degrees for 45-60 min and yummy chewey sweet citrus tofu is ready to be devoured!!!! Xoxoxo


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