Live Striptease!

Let me hear you!!! Performing striptease !! I do love to get naked and it’s better when there’s a crowd!!! This is in Washington DC at The Cloakroom in September. The next one is at Forty Deuce Nightclub in Las Vegas , NV in 2003! My good friend Scott Santos snapped them for me .




Me at Forty Deuce in Las Vegas , NV 20032

About Tera Patrick

Tera Patrick is one of the most recognized faces in the world of adult today. She has successfully merged into mainstream and pop culture becoming a worldwide business woman and brand. Since her retirement from the Adult industry in 2008 she continues to own and operate her official website, and production company Teravision INC.
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3 Responses to Live Striptease!

  1. kaveh says:

    tera I love you really
    I from Iran
    please contact me from my mail

  2. Tera Patrick says:

    Thank you Lover!!! xxx

  3. Shazzy says:

    First of all, Wishing you a very Happy New year 2014 to u and your family Tera!
    I came across u for the first time ever when i saw u in one of the Playboy movies!! I instantly felt connection with u, whether its your Onscreen Sensuality, Your Sexiness or your Superb Body! I Searched in stores, googled for u and finally got to know that You are Asian Beauty. Being from India, I became your Fan from that day since, very few Asians reach to the top and achieve what u have earned till now!!
    I started collecting Your movies, watched it umpteen times and felt so delighted that u worked with Sunny Leone too (she is from India).
    My fav. DVD of yours is “On the Set with Tera Patrick”. On watching it, i began to respect u for your professionalism and dedication to perform your scenes with perfection.
    I have been your Twitter follower, Your Facebook Page follower, Your Site and Blog..
    I have not shared this to you earlier but now, i cant control myself.. lol.
    As Years are passing by, You are becoming hotter and hotter. I wish you Continue to entertain us with your Passion and Your sensuality..
    I am in search for a girlfriend like you, Hahaha….. And yes, one thing more,
    I love your voice, when you moan.. Thats my instant Turn on!!! 😉
    Love to your family, Tight Hugs and a lovely Kiss to u!! Take care. 🙂

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