Hello Kitty Punisher Cosplay Preview!

Hey all! Check out the preview of my all new costume before I start my ComicCon tour 2013! See you in Philly! Xoxo MissT

About Tera Patrick

Tera Patrick is one of the most recognized faces in the world of adult today. She has successfully merged into mainstream and pop culture becoming a worldwide business woman and brand. Since her retirement from the Adult industry in 2008 she continues to own and operate her official website www.terapatrick.com, and production company Teravision INC.
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2 Responses to Hello Kitty Punisher Cosplay Preview!

  1. Adam Wilburn says:

    Wow , Really ComiCon? you are always surprising me. Your name should be TERA FUCKING PERFECT PATRICK! Love Ya Girl!!

  2. Shane says:

    I’ll be in there like swim wear! Can we arrange it to be your bikini? Awesome costume btw can’t wait to see it in real life! 😛

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