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About Tera Patrick

Tera Patrick is one of the most recognized faces in the world of adult today. She has successfully merged into mainstream and pop culture becoming a worldwide business woman and brand. Since her retirement from the Adult industry in 2008 she continues to own and operate her official website www.terapatrick.com, and production company Teravision INC.
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3 Responses to Picture of the Day

  1. gforceunit says:

    terra you’re still the hottest chic out there or anywhere for that matter, you just are way hotter than almost all the other pornstars, theres a few that you are just a little hotter than ,but you just make me harden up when I see you, no one else does it that easily.please for christsakes do a fan fuck flic and pick me to do it with,I have girlfriends and they are hot but they aint got that terra thing, Im not sure exactly what it is but only you got it….Im no good at begging so ,let me know when where and anything thats required of me to get with ya one time.

  2. Makhon Khan says:

    Hi, Tera, you are dream girl. I wanna make sex with you. please let me know how is it possible?? love you Tera………….Love you sooooooooo much!!!

  3. Tera Patrick says:

    ANYTHING is possible!!!! XXXT

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