For all my loyal members!!

Hello my sexxxy friends!!!

Yes I’ve been quiet… bad kitty…!!!

But in my defense, I’ve been resting+nesting and taking some time to catch up on cat naps because I know I won’t be able to for awhile!!! Of course I get on my Twitter everyday, so you can send me a quickie comment there too, BUT, to my LOYAL lovers here, my other home, I made a lil collection of some candid and sexxxy piccys to keep me in your thoughts all weekend…. and then some!!!





Piccy 1: Performing at Cheerleaders in Philadelphia
Piccy 2: Classic shot at Puroland Tokyo Japan 2007 
piccy 3: With my birthday cake in Hollywood 2009 July
piccy 4: First day starting my Dragon Sleeve Tattoo 2009
Piccy 5: YES I have a Hello Kitty Banana Case!!!! 



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