Girlfriends and Boyfriends

Meow my Cats and Kitties!!

This frisky kitty is still staying in Vancouver BC:}}!

I’m loving my stay here, but since Los Angeles is my home, I do miss my girls:{.

Sometimes, it’s hard being on the road and the funny thing is, even "on the road I still get to see my beautiful girlfriends!!

But, at home we will have drinks, dinner (at my house usually as I love to cook), sleepovers, and our favorite, the Spahhhhhhhhh!!

I’ve put together a lil collection but here you may recognize Aurora Snow, Gina Lynn, Rocco Siffredi, Lexington Steele, Marina Bond and maybe a few others!!

Much love and enjoy!!! 

Pictures in order
1. Gina Lynn and I Erotica LA Show 
2. Auora Snow and I Erotica LA Show 
3. Lexington Steele and I Venus Faire 
4. Marina Bond and I Venus Faire 
5. Rocco Siffredi and I Venus Faire


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