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Feeling oh so frisky today…. laying naked in my bed on ice cold sheets with a warm comforter on me just make this kitten purrrrrrrrrrrrr.

In my fantasy today, I’m dreaming of black seamed stockings with patent stilletos and shiny black lingerie……

I have a lust for breasts and legs and I will admit these are two of my most sensitive parts….

I love strong hands to grip my hips and pull me in and my mane being pulled tight as well but there’s just something that makes me tingle when stockings are being pulled on OR off my 36 inch legs slowly.

Or when my breasts are exposed and they are squeezed , and my nipples bitten…. ahhhhhhhhh!!!

Next time you’re playing, do NOT neglect these parts, especially if your playing with me……

Sweet day or night dreams!



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