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(Los Angeles, CA)
As the world’s most popular adult film star Tera Patrick knows what it
takes to be at the top of her game. Being an international sex symbol
takes a lot of hard work on the mind and the body. To help other women
achieve that peak performance, Tera has turned her attention to her
latest endeavor; “Fit 4 Sex.” This unique DVD blends Yoga, Pilates and
Kama Sutra to create the perfect fitness program for a sound body and
revved up sex drive.

Teaming with Fit 4 Sex, LLC., Tera brings you the routine you need
to increase flexibility, tone up, improve stamina and ultimately own
the bedroom. By combining Yoga and Pilates, Fit 4 Sex helps improve
flexibility, which is an excellent way to immediately improve your sex
life. Regular work outs make it easier to enjoy more daring and
difficult positions with your lover and since women who work out
regularly have a higher sex drive, the results are astounding.

“We all know why we work out,” says Tera. “It is to look and feel
better for our partners. This is the first DVD that directly relates
physical fitness to sexual happiness.”

Fit 4 Sex offers a bold new spin on 10 cardinal positions:

– The Heist: Slinky leg extension to tone you up for extra flexibility

– Pull My Daisy: Sensuous squats firm up quads, hamstrings and glut muscles

– Frisky Kitty: Strenuous stretches loosen build stamina and stability

– The Tipping Point: Lusty lunges build stamina and stability

– The Spidey: Hip flexor stretches to keep you flexible through the night

– The Last Gal Standing: A series to develop upper arm/glut and oblique strength

– Forbidden Swing: Targets your core abdominal and oblique crunches

– Damsel In Distress: A new spin on push ups to target triceps strength

– Sultry Pretzel: Concentrated abdominal strength building for more control

– Fallen Angel: Proper breathing techniques and muscle lengthening

Fit 4 Sex is part work out DVD, part sexual position guide that
gives you a great work out while boosting your sexual health in a
number of ways. It builds your sexual ego which yields results in body
and in bed. It offers a new take on a work out for couples as well as
tips for honeymooners and post-pregnancy tips to give new mothers a
fresh dose of sexual confidence.

Fit 4 Sex with Tera Patrick is the perfect fitness DVD for women
looking to tone up, expand their horizons and ultimately unleash the
smoldering sensuality inside.

The video is available at or

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