Hey guys!!! So OMG the funnest thing happened just a little while ago. My friend and I were outside in my back yard and I had gone over by my pool to take out my dogs toy that he dropped in there. Sooo my friend thought it would be funny to push me in…ahhhh Thank godness our pool is heated lol. But she fell for the – Hey come help me out let me grab your hand hahaha. Well I pulled her in 🙂 Yeah so we were both in the pool with our clothes on, but we totally forgot that we ordered food and the dogs were barking like crazy. We had to jump out quickly and run into the house and I opened the door dripping wet!!! Hahaha, shoot I didnt want to miss the delivery guy! It was sooooo funny the look on his face was priceless. I asked him how much it was and he was like um huh ummm yeah it it its its….well he finally told me and i gave him the money. Wow guess he wont ever forget that huh? After that we ate and just chilled at the house for a bit. But I had to tell you guys that because thats something that you see in movies and stuff. Guess more unusual things could happen right?   



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