Stripping @ Crazy Horse!!!

stripping at the crazy horse in san francisco

all the asian fans love to come out to this club on market street in the GHETTO, whenever i come to town. I found these pics from last year and thought i would tell you guys i had a blast. My bodyguard was named icebox, and all the girls who worked there were really sexy… i had a great time and did an interview backstage for gamelink, who is located there and helps with my tera patrick online store… the shows were sold out two a night for three nights in a row… people love to see girls crawl around naked on the floor, and throw money,, i took photos with hundreds of you there, thanks for alot of fun guys.. reign of tera 2 was brand new and alot of you took it home with you, check my site’s schedule for any future upcoming appearances around the world!
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