Tattoo Party!!!!

Tattoo Party

Woo hoo!! I am living it up in Las Vegas!! So many things are happening tonight or should I say this weekend!! 

First of all I am starting my sleeve on my right arm. It is going to be a dragon custom designed by the best tattoo artist in Japan, Hori Taku and well, Tattoos are the theme of this weekend. I am in Las Vegas to host the most talked about party of the year. 

I am so excited that Mario Barth is featuring the worlds best tattoo artists including himself in such an environment as a hotel casino. The party was so crazy and cool. I hosted and got to introduce all of the coolest entertainment. Everyone was there to play or just hang out. 

Dave Navarro did a set as did Tommy Lee, Ice T and his beautiful wife, Coco partied with Nelly, Boo Ya Tribe and the beautiful and talented Forty Deuce dancers. There was just so many amazing people on such an amazing night. I can’t wait for a party to come around like this again!!! 

See you at the next one!! 

All my love xoxoxo



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