Xmas vacation 2006

Well today officially starts my christmas vacation!!! YAY!!!
I’m so excited to have the time off!! Well not completely
off, I’ll still be busy with stuff lol…. I am going to be
catching up on some much needed rest and spending
time with all my friends and family. Payaso and I went to
buy a christmas tree yesterday it’s just the cutest little
thing!! All flocked with white. We will be celebrating
christmas and hannukah as usual. Yazzy is coming in a
few weeks which means SHOPPING!!! woo hoo can
never get enough of that. We seriously have the best
shopping here in LA!!!! Plus AVN is coming up so I’ll
need lot’s of pretty stuff too. My house is starting to
come along nicely, their building the pool right now and
the demolition crew is going at it in my back yard!! I
swear it looks crazy back there with a giant hole!! It’s
going to be beautiful once their done. I just came back
from cleaveland, club diamonds. Such a fun club and
the girls are so beautiful and sweet. It’s been
FREEZING here in LA so I’ve been staying indoors and
spyder and I are wasting no time at catching up on our
indoor activity if you know what I mean…… wink wink ha
ha ha…… Time to go to the Hello Kitty store and pick up
my new bed I’m so excited!!! catch up with you all later
Lots of love xoxoxo Tera

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