New Bra New Me!!

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Happy New Year!!

Meow!! It’s been a bit of time since I’ve checked in ! I hope everyone had a great holiday season and New Year!!  The New Year for a lot of people brings a lot of changes :] I guess I can bring everyone here up to Tera’s changes ha ha!! Well for one I am still living here in Italy ! I just LOVE it here !! My feature shows are going wonderful and my cosmetic business is doing very well:} Italy is just so beautiful! I mean really really beautiful! One thing about living here in Europe you see so much !! So much history that I never saw back in the USA :} If I miss anything it’s Mexican food haha ! Actually just avocados lol the rest I can make myself:}} I’m getting really good at speaking italian but it’s messing up my english and we all know I am the Grammar police ha ha!! I’m going to post some pictures of myself at the Duomo in Milano and some places in Roma :} Have a lovely evening , Buona Notte!!! xoxo Tera

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Pre-show Selfies

Here are some selfies I took before my last shows of the week !! MMMMMMMm I was doing my booty workout too ha ha to pump it up a little bit..How did I do…. xxx Tera Patrick

Tera Patrick Boob stickers

Trying some new pasties…

Tera Patrick Naked and Oiled

Freshly oiled up

Tera Patrick's Naked butt

I think my booty workout is working!!!

Tera Patrick in a Red Bra

Pretty red bra I made :))

Tera Patrick in Red Undies

Matching panties ????????????


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Pre-show fun

Ahhhhh preparing for my shows… I have to admit even after performing on stage for so many years I STILL get a little bit nervous before going on stage Everytime!!! I “calm down” a bit by making some of my show bras and costumes . I like adding swarovski crystals to them or by exercising or Sexxxercise ha ha!! Here’s a few pictures of a pink bra I made and of me posing outside of my favorite club on my tour last April… It was my favorite in a way because as my tour was winding down I had been in Italy for over a month and was feeling a bit homesick for america and lonely :{{ As I took the stage to announce my presence I heard so many american accents! This club was close to the US AF base and many of the guys had come to see me. It was so awesome !!! Enjoy !! Posting a lot more pre-show pictures next ! Hope it not too many selfies for you all!! xxx Tera

Tera Patrick with Make up

I love the way I did my make up with my girlfriend Masumi Max’s make up line !!

Tera Patrick in pink Swarovksi bro

Pink Swarovski bra I made close up :))

Tera Patrick Ready to go on stage

Purrrrrrr always a bit nervous before hitting the stage!!! Xo

Tera Patrick with Necklace

Flapper style look !

Post show picture with Tera Patrick

Finished my show! This club was so fun AND so many HOT American Airforce men Yumm!!



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Exploring Venice Italy with Vittoria Rissi

Ciao!!! These pictures were taken during my first trip to Italy to do my feature performance tour during March/April 2015:}} I met the beautiful and very sweet Italian Pornstar and Model Vittoria Rissi. She showed me all around Venice ( My first time to this city wow!!) and we toured some art galleries as we both love art!! We took a beautiful tour via water taxi of Venice, ate a lovely lunch and dinner (ALOT OF VINO HA HA) and even did a Webcam show together :}}}} Now that I live here in Italy and not too far from Vittoria expect more from the two of us (wink ) xxx Tera

Tera Patrick in Venice

My view from the observation tower in San Marco Square

Tera Patrick in Venice Observatory

Observation view

Tera Patrick and Vittoria Rissi in Venice

Wine I mean lunch with Vittoria!! Lol

Tera Patrick in Venice waiting for water taxi

Strutting off the water taxi … ????

Tera Patrick and Vittoria RIssi getting wine

More vino !!! Yumm!!!

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Viva Italia!!!!

Meow guys and gals!!! Ha I don’t know if my title is correct ha ha but I have moved to Italy!!!! As you may or may not know (next post) I did a wonderful feature dance tour March /April of 2015 here in Italy! Well it went AMAZING and I fell in LOVE with Italy and decided to move here!!! I love everything about Italy :}} I’m trying to get the hang of it here for sure. I’ve grown up in America and spent so much of my life there  so living in Europe, although not the first time is a whole different pace!!! I love my house , the city I live in ,going to soccer , the food, and just traveling around this beautiful country!!! My feature shows have been going great!! I love performing here I’ve had quite a tour !!! I’m posting all kinds of photos here so you can get an idea of how and what I’m doing. Purrrrrrrrrrr xoxoxo Tera

Tera Patrick Interview

Doing my first interview at my hotel I just arrived!!


Tera Patrick on Mountain

Beautiful cool misty day on one of my drives and I stopped to get a present

Tera Patrick visiting a Sex Shop

Ha visiting my favorite kind of shoppe a SEXXXY SHOPPE!!! Xxx

Tera Patrick in Bikini

Getting ready to sunbathe … And swim ????

Tera Patrick's New Hairdo

I love the way I did my mane here muah!! Kisses xo


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Ginger Lynn and Me

Meow sexxxy friends!!!! Here I am with one of my oldest friends, Ginger Lynn!  She came to my Bride of Frankenstein Burlesque show!!

We are shooting together next month and I’m so excited to see what we cum up with…grrr!!!




photo 1-1 photo 3-1 photo 2-1


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Bride of Frankenstein Burlesque Part 2

photo 4 photo 3-2 photo 2-2

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My Amazon Wishlist

Since you guys asked, here it is!


Miss T

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Bride of Frankenstein Burlesque Part 1

Here I am sexxxy and strutting for my “Bride of Frankenstein Burlesque Show!”


Miss T!

photo 3 photo 2 photo 1

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